P. Saikia and L. K. Barthakur

  DOI:  https://doi.org/10.37418/amsj.9.11.102

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We present the idea of N-group’s $(\in,\in \vee q) $- intuitionistic fuzzy ideal and some associated properties as the content material of this paper.It’s shown with the help of example that every intuitionistic fuzzy ideal of N-group is although an $(\in,\in \vee q)$-intuitionistic fuzzy ideal,but the converse isn’t true and hence a necessary and sufficient condition is introduced in this purpose.The usage of the idea of the level set we provide an essential and sufficient circumstance for a level set to be an ideal of N-group.Discussions on image and pre-image of a $(\in,\in \vee q)$-intuitionistic fuzzy ideal under N-homomorphism also are a part of our research.

Keywords: Near ring group, Intuitionistic fuzzy set, Intuitionistic fuzzy point, $(\in,\in \vee q)$-intuitionistic fuzzy ideal,N-homomorphism.