P. R. Raveendran and S. Beena


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Mathematics and biology can be combined to get better solutions to problems. Graph theory has its application in all other fields. Phylogenetic analysis deals with the study of evolutionary history of organisms. Phylogenetic trees are well suited to represent evolutionary histories. A rooted network or a tree can be depicted either as a phylogram or as a cladogram. A cladogram is a drawing of a rooted phylogenetic tree or network aimed at clearly representing its topology, that is showing how clusters are nested within each other, and in which edge lengths do not have an interpretation. Morphological data of various organisms can be used for the construction of Cladograms. Tabular form of those data has to be made first. This work explains an algorithm with illustration for the construction of Cladogram after converting the data to a Binary Matrix.

Keywords: Cladogram, phylogenetic tree, rooted phylogenetic tree.