P. Sabhapandit and K. Pathak


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The Concept of BCK/BCI-algebras was first introduced by Y. Imai and K. Iseki [2, 3] in 1966. These BCK/BCI algebras can be generalized into several different categories of algebras like BCH [1], BH [4], d [9], etc. Later on, dual BCK algebras [5] was introduced which paved the way for development of BE-algebras [6]. In 2010, B. L. Meng [8] introduced the idea of CI-algebras as a generalization of BE-algebras which is considered to be an important algebraic structure till date. The concept of Cartesian product has been developed in 2013 [10] which plays a key role in the development of this CI-algebras. A new concept of Absorptive CI-algebra has been developed in 2016. The idea of Multipliers in BE-algebras [7] has been utilized to develop the idea of Multipliers in CI-algebras [12] in 2019. In this paper we present, definition of Dual Multiplers in CI-algebras and talk about few examples, characteristics of this map.

CI-algebra, Sub-algebra, Multiplier.